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Written Testimonials Fairfield Nam L.

Great service and best treatment ever. I feel much better and more flexible.

Success Stories Fairfield Sheri S.

I feel more range of movement, less restrictions because of pain. I have fewer headaches now. I feel better doing exercises. I enjoy taking part in my treatment.

What People Say About Evans Chiropractic | Fairfield Chiropractor Valerie F.

My past month treatments have been great: I no longer wake up with a headache, I don't have to take Advil daily, I'm still a little lightheaded, but not as bad as when I started, and I feel like I'm standing up straighter.

Written Testimonials Fairfield Sarah C.

For several months I had pain in my left hip, all the way down to my toes. Four weeks ago I went to see Dr. Evans. I had treatments three days a week for four weeks. As a result I have had a lot less pain allowing me to walk and move easier. I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr. Evans to anyone.

Success Stories Fairfield Kelly M.

I have had severe pain for the last year and a half, which made every day chores (laundry, vacuuming, gardening, etc.) very painful. I've been seeing Dr. Evans for a few months now. I can honestly say I've been getting relief and feeling back to normal. I only wish I would have started treatments with him sooner. I was sent to various specialists, prescribed different drugs, taken all sorts of tests, had injections, and I feel that Dr. Evans's treatments are what is helping me to the best recovery. Thank you. And, thank you also to the wonderful, always smiling, uplifting staff.

What People Say About Evans Chiropractic | Fairfield Chiropractor Gregg S.

Dr. Evans has been treating me for pain and injuries I sustained in a car accident. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and have been very pleased with all aspects of my care. I now realize how making a lot of small changes can have a huge impact on my health. I think about my posture, how I lift things, and have lightened my work bag. I actually like doing my stretches!.

Written Testimonials Fairfield Noel M.

Dr. Evans is not the first Chiropractor I have worked with, but he will be my last. Having a gentle, good neck adjustment is important for me in order to live not only with minimal pain, but also to be able to think clearly and function in daily life. Dr. Evans gives the best neck adjustments of any Chiropractor I have worked with. He is also extremely open to listening to me and what I am experiencing in my body and constructs my treatments around what I need to feel better. His willingness to work with me as a partner is a big part of what has made my recovery possible.

Success Stories Fairfield Rachel E.

Prior to seeing Dr. Evans I was in constant pain and had a hard time sitting and standing for any period of time. After seeing him I have to admit my life is much better and virtually pain free. I also have had my best friend, mother, husband and son see him and they are as satisfied as I am. He explains everything in an easy to understand way and is truly concerned with your well being. Thank you!

What People Say About Evans Chiropractic | Fairfield Chiropractor Heather F.

After approximately 12 to 15 visits my neck pain and headaches improved tremendously. In addition, my psoriasis also improved. Thanks!!

Written Testimonials Fairfield Megan V.

I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Evans through most of my pregnancy. I just delivered my baby less than a week ago. With Dr. Evans's help I was able to work all the way up to the time I delivered. I was working long hours 4 & 1/2 days a week. Two weeks before I delivered my OBGYN doctors told me I was already dilating and having contractions. I was not feeling any discomfort because my body was so relaxed from the chiropractic treatments. When I arrived at the hospital two weeks later, I was feeling no pain or discomfort even though my contractions were two minutes apart. Due to the treatments that I received by Dr. Evans I was able to have a natural child birth with no medications or complications.

Success Stories Fairfield Amanda S.

When I came in to see Dr. Evans I was in extreme pain; I couldn't move my right arm due to the pain - and knots in my shoulders. I was hunching when I stood or sat and actually had a "hump" on my back between my shoulders. Now I'm standing straighter and my pain is gone! Dr. Evans also taught me how to properly treat my muscle soreness at home with a combination of heat and ice, and how to properly exercise my neck muscles to get a better range of motion and speed healing.

What People Say About Evans Chiropractic | Fairfield Chiropractor Carrie J.

When I tried to find a chiropractor that took my insurance, there were very few to choose from. When I called Dr. Evans's office, I felt like they were FAMILY! Kaylyn and Dr. Evans are outstanding! Their friendly attitude and genuine concern are spectacular. Their pain relief technique are superb.Thank you so much for helping me!